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A-side B-side Gallery was founded in late 2011 by artists Tinsel Edwards and Catherine Magnani.  Following a hugely successful launch and several exhibitions later it continues to grow from strength to strength. 

In addition to our gallery space we also maintain studios, in which we house a collective of both emerging and established artists whilst supporting ambitious collaborations within an experimental and evolving creative space.

We are a not for profit company, supported in kind by friends of the gallery, grants and donations.  If you would like to support us and find out more about our forthcoming projects please contact us directly.

name  Catherine Magnani

location  Hackney, London

job  artist, curator & gallerist

subjects  psychogeography,  geometry

My practice employs a range of media including drawing, sculpture, installation and performance.  It mostly considers the issues of absence and loss, the ramifications from that of my own experiences to the implications on a wider social context.  I explore this sense of ‘missing’ by combining two very distinct approaches, through the use of 'traditional' craft making techniques and of precise draughtsman led drawings.  The former method observing 'missing' by... More...

name  Tinsel Edwards

location  Hackney, London

job  artist, curator & arts administrator

subjects  oil painting,  typography

Referencing political themes and creating challenging social commentary, Tinsel’s paintings also reflect on the transience of life, emphasizing the urgency and importance of positive action in our finite lifetime.  Although her painting ultimately seeks to challenge, personal narrative is ever present in the work, revealing her unique and individual viewpoint on the world.  More... Photograph courtesy of Dazed & Confused

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