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A series of showcase exhibitions/live music events where emerging visual and Hip-Hop artists, as well as other diverse, young and underrepresented creatives, meet in a gallery space.

Curated by: Marina Antonova

Public view & event: Friday 24th June 2016 at 6.30-10pm

Show Dates: 25th - 27th June 2016

Venue: A-side B-side Gallery

Hackney Downs Studios

Amhurst Terrace

London, E8 2BT

On July 24th, the non-profit Rap-Art event brings Leo Jaybara’s visual art and four live Hip-Hop acts into A-side B-side Gallery. As 'urban' isn’t often represented in more traditional spaces, by colliding art mediums Rap-Art aims to further break stereotypes and show that as well as Hip-Hop is a legitimate art form, visual art of today is not solely for the privileged.

In its third year, Rap-Art is purposely morphing from a platform for starting-out music and visual artists into a physical space and time where creatives from various backgrounds can meet each other and where no race, age and other preconception issues would stand in the way of creative people coming together.

In the times of unrest and senseless hate, Rap-Art seeks out ways to be inclusive and “among” by discovering and encouraging involvement of international artists (illustrators from Lebanon and Kazakhstan have participated in the past).

This year’s artist is 26-year-old painter, Leonard Jaybara a Parisian-born and Central Saint Martin’s graduate who has chosen his base in London to pursue his formal art education, subsequently selling most of his BA Degree Show works.

Starting out as a photographer and video maker, Leonard eventually transferred his visions onto painting where he currently plans to remain. Inspired by the “culture of civilization” and its artifacts, African and Moroccan prints, his own travels and a cosmopolitan upbringing (his family has lived in France, Japan and England), Leo’s artistic style has remained largely the same throughout all of his chosen mediums.

Leonard’s knowledge of anatomy (he possesses a degree in osteopathy) is evident in most of his work’s subject matter: “animal images, taken as foundation for paintings, that subsequently transform” into bright, vibrant abstracts. Rooted in expressionism, Leo’s paintings skillfully and purposefully bring together diverse traditions, practices and styles to create a unique vision that derives from his knowledge and influences.  With current residences in Colombia and Iran, Leonard Jaybara is preparing fro a February exhibition in New York.

The musical acts on the opening night are London’s own: IDEH, Flowzart, TSAH and JevonOfficial

Gallery open: 12 - 6pm Sat – Mon or by appointment

A-side B-side Gallery

Hackney Downs Studios

Amhurst Terrace






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