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Isrupt: a feminiszt retrospectiv

an exhibition by Caroline Halliday & friends  

A-side B-side Gallery, 352 Mare St, E8 1HR   13-18th July 2017


A feminist press release is not mystifying art speak .. Radical feminism means questioning every single one of the 'rules and expectations of patriarchy'

How can we know how women would have conceived art, if we had started equal as artists? How many artists’ ideas are lost because women do not have equality... How many brilliant artists are currently in refugee camps, or dying in wars and famine?    .... ask constantly 'why are things done this way?' when we see something we don't agree with. Who benefitted when cladding of Grenfell Tower was not fire proof? Why are weapons made in UK being used against people in Yemen, and Syria?  

Many friends/artists have been part of my creative and feminist life, Titus Davies, Eva Megias, Jill Mercer, Seana Wilson, Penny Collier, Simon Croft, Donna Barnett, Gilli Salvat, Emma Thatcher, Rosemary Chasseaud, Maddie Zayeet, Peter Herbert, Pat Hulin, Helen Brown, Kieron Wild, Keziah Halliday, Caleb Deeks, Nemone Mercer, Donna Barnett, Caroline Foster, Kath Fraser, Andrea Webb, Pauline Lord





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