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"In-between" is the first exhibition by the North & Found project

In this intimate new exhibition at Hackney's A-side B-side gallery, 7 artists have explored the theme "in- between". Taking advantage of the mystery and openness of the theme, the artists have made explorations through various mediums from; installations to painting, photography and drawing, resulting in a journey of rich imaginaries and visions.

Founders of the North & Found project, Shirley McNeill and Marion Tu have created a platform to make art more accessible for emerging artists, but also to generate a free opportunity to show their work. The project's intention is also to create a safe space where artists can connect with the visitors and local community, making them feel welcome and motivated to engage with the artworks.

Selected artists:
Ilona Balaga | Joss Cole | Gillian Duffy | Atsuko Nakano | Harriet Pilcher | Christian Sawalski | Jake Stark

‘Meet the artists’: Saturday 6th December, 2.30pm. Free (booking necessary)

Private view: Thursday 4th December, 6-9pm

Opening times: 4th-8th December, 11am-6pm

Curated by: Shirley McNeill & Marion Tu

Notes to editors
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