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Highlife Soldiers

an exhibition by Labet  

PUBLIC VIEW: Thursday 9th November 7-9pm

A-side B-side Gallery, 352 Mare St, E8 1HR   9-14th November 2017


Highlife Soldiers enters another chapter in visual artist Labet’s journey and unfolds an exciting new body of work. Showcasing paintings colourfully inspired by the highlife music genre, this exhibition comes together as a retrospective view of the emotions and atmosphere of this captivating style of music. Birthed in Ghana in the 20s, highlife influenced waves of success through Nigeria in the 60s to the 70s and eventually went on to become Afrobeat.

Grown from playing close attention to the evolving rhythmic, Afro-soul and jazzy vibes of this musical movement, Highlife Soldiers is a vibrant collection that sets the scene and celebrates pioneers such as E.T. Mensah, Victor Olaiya and Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti. Looking into the early era of highlife, this new ensemble of work flows to encapsulate the playful and prestige yet informative essence of highlife music that was enjoyed in its height and admired today.

“Highlife Soldiers represents a figurative expression of my love and appreciation for African highlife music; where it starts, where it goes and where it can take us all.”

-    Labet

Artist Biography

Lola Betiku, also known as ‘Labet’, is a self-taught contemporary artist born and based in East London. Her style of work is influenced by her Nigerian heritage in which she embraces themes exploring feminine identity and cultural pride. Through travel and various studies in fashion, literature and media she creates visual representations through an eclectic range of paintings and illustrations.

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