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‘Elaborate Ruse’ an installation by Charlotte Williams-Foster

Public view: Thursday 1st February, 7-9.30pm

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Exhibition dates: 01-02-2018 – 6-02-2018

As part of the Whitechapel Gallery's First Thursdays, A-side B-side Gallery presents a solo exhibition by British Artist, Charlotte Williams-Foster.  The installation marks a departure from the dense, detailed drawing and layered digital projection that has characterised the artists’ work.  Large drawings divide the space in a layered arrangement that connects with the busy street outside the gallery window.  The paper screens have been cut into, opening onto and visible through one another.  Marked, collaged, painted and embellished on both sides, they intersect and interconnect in ways that shift; an interchangeable arrangement of moveable elements.  


Charlotte Williams-Foster (b. 1980) approaches drawing through a particular understanding of perception as continuously mixed with memory, infusing and confusing every glance. 


‘It is a matter of sensations - pinprick-like, assorted, unsorted - assaulting the relevant receptors, infiltrating the memory images splayed already there, mottling through and distorting one another.  The recalled, the predicted, the premeditated.  Revealing a glimpse of - what?  Out of the corner of the eye it looms up, encased in mistaken identity.’


The artist works sometimes from memory, sometimes from observation; she collects stores of reference images, old photographs and clippings from magazines.  Williams-Foster draws from, onto and with these images, examining the drift between what we see, what we thought we saw and what we might seek to see. 



Charlotte Williams-Foster was born in 1980 in South Wales, UK and lives in London with her husband and young son. She studied at Falmouth School of Art, which awarded her a BFA in 2002. From 2005 to 2009 she attended Winchester School of Art, University of Southampton, completing an MFA and a Ph.D.  She has exhibited in London, Berlin and Reykjavik and also curated a number of shows in London.  Her research in philosophy continues, informing her practice and leading to contributions to publications, journals and conferences. 

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