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A-side B-side presents:


A group exhibition

Curated by Qila Gill

Private View: Thursday 18th September 6-9pm

Show Dates: 18.09.2014 – 22.09.2014

A-side B-side Gallery is pleased to present, ‘BLURRED’ an exhibition curated by Qila Gill:

You look at me, and I look at you and I feel this feeling, a feeling to touch, a feeling to want.”  Qila Gill

Have our sexual desires as women been obscured by the social constraints put upon us? What are the blurred lines that have affected women, their sexuality and the gaze upon them? Have these issues blurred the lines for women to be more open about their desires?

BLURRED is an exhibition that hopes to create a platform to voice concerns and share beliefs & opinions on this blurred line.  It is an investigation into these issues, which are sublimely relevant to the change happening in our society.

The exhibition will contain works of various mediums including video installation, painting, photography, sculpture and poetry. The works as a collective engages the audience to discuss matters that relate to our daily thoughts on blurred topic with the context of women and their sexuality.

Exhibiting artists:

Anna FC Smith | Aya Hayden-Clarke | Carla Maria | Caroline Halliday | Engku Iman | Eva Cisse | George Ggrekas | Joseph Lichy | Karyna Sukha | Katy Wallwork | Peter Evans | Qila Gill | Rachel Long

Contact: qila.gill@gmail.com | 07403349848 or Qila Gill:  qila.gill@gmail.com/www.vimeo.com/qgill