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Illustrators and designers respond to nature within the context of the London environment

Wilderness is the raw material out of which man has hammered the artifact called civilization.

Aldo Leopold

There is a common yet somewhat mistaken distinction made between the urban and the wild. A city fails when it tries to put its component parts in separate boxes. It succeeds when it acknowledges and supports the connections within it and without.

The Call of the Wild is an exhibition bringing together illustrators and designers that look to the wildness within the city. Is a bustling urban centre distant from rolling fields and woodlands separate from the wild? Is it a wilderness all of its own? And what of the animals that share our urban spaces - the pigeon in the city square; the mouse behind the skirting board; the alley cat; the urban fox: are they invaders? Are they taking back what was theirs? Or are they our neighbours?

Come to A-Side B-Side Gallery to see ‘The Call of the Wild’, an exhibition showing the work of eleven artists exploring our urban jungle and how it influences their working practice.



Ekaterina Trukhan

Jenni Desmond

Jill Tytherleigh

Katriona Chapman

Laura Hughes

Lizzy Stewart

Lorna Scobie

Sandra Dieckmann

Thomas Whitcombe

Willa Gebbie

The Call of the Wild