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A-side B-side Gallery presents: Japan Now!

Curated by Hitomi Kammai

Private View: Thursday 17/1/2013 6-9pm

5-9 Amhurst Terrace



"‘Japan Now!’ will take a look at what the new character of young Japanese is

and also what people can learn from a superficially utopian country; having a

democratic government, social safety and low economic inequality compared to other

countries but at the same time being confronted with critical problems of energy,

population aging and declining birth rates, death in solitude or by suicide.

Japanese culture is always introduced by stereotyped views such as Sushi, Geisha or

Manga. Although they are an important part of Japanese culture, Japan is a country

that is constantly changing and has more originality to offer. In fact, Japan first

developed in the Far East by accepting varied issues from foreign countries after

World War Ⅱ. Also its economic crisis in the 90’s is now often referenced in many

countries confronting similar problems. While it is important to know about Japan in

order to understand what is happening in the world, Japan is still a little known and

misunderstood country.

This show looks at the character of the new generation in Japan after a fast economic

growth and subsequent crisis, and the catastrophic disaster that happened last year;

still wealthy and struggling to stay alive in these new circumstances."

Hitomi Kammai

Exhibiting artists:

Haruko Yamada | Yuki Ioroi | Hitomi Kammai | Madoka Chiba

Kaori Fukasawa | Kaoru Ishikawa | Yuko Yama

Japan now!