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‘Separated’ Silvia Forese

Familiar Objects Familial Faces
Curated by Antonella Ferrari & Silvia Forese

A-side B-side Gallery
Hackney Downs Studios
5 - 9 Amhurst Terrace
London E8 2BT

Private View:
20 February, 6 - 9pm

Open to the public:
21 February – 24 February 2014

Standard opening times:
12 - 6pm Thursday - Sunday & by appointment

Antonella's work draws from personal experiences to explore universal themes about identity, separation and familial relationships. Often manipulating contents to alter perceptions and suggest secondary meanings, her works employ a very subtle and accessible language, yet never provide a full resolution or statement. Antonella’s main interest lies in evoking situations, exploring the in between and suggest possibilities, thus inviting the viewer to engage with the work emotionally but

leaving some space for personal response.

In Getting to know her (2014), Ferrari presents two printed black and white portraits of her mother, engraved with delicate pencil outlines. The accurate studying and measuring, almost like she is preparing for a portrait study, reveals a failed attempt to get closer to her subject on an emotional level.

Silvia Forese’s fresh yet intriguing paintings display an apparent simplicity that reveals complexity and delicacy, freshness that twists expectations, and a new perspective on everyday objects that brings originality and uniqueness to a work of art. Nothing is redundant in Silvia’s artwork. The apparent naiveté of the subject takes a sophisticated turn when the viewer reads the title and a sharp jab of irony and meaning comes through. It is an epiphany showing the underlying emotion and state of mind at the core of the artwork, as well as the subtle game of reflections that generated it. Her use of brilliant primary colours reinforces this subtlety, reminding us not only of Pop Art but even more the drawings of our childhood, where, free from societal mandates, we used colours the way they were meant to be used.

These videos, paintings and photographs undoubtedly inspire a sense of familiarity and lead the viewer through an intimate journey with the two artists. The accessible language employed by the artists becomes a mean to attract the viewer’s attention, but ultimately the works reveal their own intent and the viewer is invited to discover the true meaning, hidden behind an apparent simplicity.

Antonella Ferrari. Born in Verona in 1975, Antonella has been living and working in London since 1994. She studied Fine Art at Central St Martins College of Art and Design, where she achieved a BA in 2003 and an MA in 2010. Her works have been exhibited in several shows and video festivals both in the UK and Europe.

Silvia Forese. Born in Verona in 1984, Silvia studied at the Escola Superior de Dissent BAU in Barcelona, Spain and graduated at Accademia di Belle Arti ‘G.B. Cignaroli’ in Verona, Italy in 2010. She has exhibited in several group and personal exhibitions in Italy and New York City. Silvia currently lives and works between London and Verona. She is represented by Cardazzofactory Gallery in Milan.