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Everything Is The Same is a solo show by artist Daniel Soma.

Soma’s work is reactionary to contemporary culture and such elements as routine, obsession and boredom. On display are various paintings, video work and work on paper.

Born is Sydney, Everything Is The Same is Soma’s first solo exhibition in the UK.

Soma is interested in how individuals interact and assimilate with the ‘everyday’ and the relationship between aesthetics and everyday life. His work results from a regimented use of formal image making that is obsessive in both result and execution.

Soma works with pattern in unique and innovative ways utilizing commonplace imagery, creating bodies of work that evoke beauty, angst and an uneasy calm. 

Daniel Soma studied at The College of Fine Arts UNSW in Sydney and recently showed as part of the Odds Against Tomorrow series of exhibitions at BEARSPACE Gallery.

Everything is the same