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25+4: An Urban Fairy Tale

Private View: Thursday April 25th 6-9pm

5-9 Amhurst Terrace



‘25+4: An Urban Fairy Tale’ is an immersive installation that explores a small and intimate look into the mysterious world of Lady Ray. This exhibition hopes to unveil the enigma surrounding this clandestine woman as she guides us on a journey through a surreal, shocking and life-changing event.

Lady Ray spent most of her time as a student partying hard until she unexpectedly fell pregnant and just 10 weeks after finding out, she gave birth.

Four months early, born at 25 weeks and weighing only 770g, her baby was small enough to fit in her hand.  Suddenly she was a mother but there was no connection to the miniature alien body, covered in wires that lay for months in a box before her. It was as if her life came to a standstill as she spent 5 months inside an intensive care unit as a visitor to her newborn son.

The installation depicts her time then, within herself and within the dark corners of the ward, illustrating how such an intense experience and environment can induce an altered state of mind.

Using sculpture, sound, light, photography and film, Lady Ray will transport you into another mindscape.

In association with The Department of Brilliant


Private View: 6 - 9pm 25thApril

Exhibition dates: 26th – 28th April

Opening times: Thurs – Sun 12 – 6pm & by appointment



25 + 4: An Urban Fairytale